We are a couple living in Alicante, and after many years in the industry, we have decided to embark upon our own project, where we can develop our ideas and our values.

We firmly believe in the good product, with a timeless essence and details that break away from tradition.

This is how Lønebo has been conceived, from our obsession to develop shoes with top quality materials. We make our production in Spain, with the help of reliable experts.

Our interests are embodied in the shoes and our Lønebo "personality".

This is the life we have decided to live.

Nickolson Brand 1


We firmly believe in applying effort and continuous improvement as key elements for success.

We design timeless product with a difference, with special finishing and the finest materials. Designed worldwide, our products are made in Spain by artisan factories with decades of experience.

During the process, more than 60 hands work on the product, concentrating on and caring about the smallest details, thus ensuring that the end result is what you are expecting. Machinery is nothing without the expertise of the craftsman who knows how to mould together every individual piece.

The real luxury experience of Lonebo starts with a world class product with the best materials and standards of excellence, and at a fair price.

Nickolson Brand 2

Nickolson Brand 3


We live, work and enjoy our lives with the attraction of small details in our minds.

A melody we may hear at the railway station, the unexpected colours of a sunrise or the dust we raise when we are running. We do our best to make our inspirations and ideas become true, and we are so happy to be sharing them with you just now. We do hope you enjoy your shoes, just as much as we have enjoyed making them for you.


Nickolson Brand 4